All eye doctors in the land were summon to
Imperial Manila to
attend a big banquet of knowledge and idea sharing.

The OPhTha Chiefs from the Island of Cebu answered the call,
willingly and eagerly to break the
monotomy of their daily grind

The humble chiefs from the south were billeted
in a very humble dwelling in the
heart of Ortigas.

They were fed exotic foods not found on their islands,
and they did not stopped till their belly aches.

Even in the asphalt jungle of EDSA, crocodiles abound,
watching and waiting while chiefs from other
islands were dining and pigging.

Even their choice of beverage were for the malaria afflicted,
the chiefs were wondering where's the brown water.

While strolling in the Baywalk, amid the myriad of twinkiling lights,
a living statue caught the chief's eyes.
He was not moving at all,
but if you ran away with his pile of coins,
do you think he will not jumped and ran after it?

The chiefs wanted to experience a different tepsichorean show,
and they were happily obliged.

And the chiefs went home, happy with full of baggages of memories
and loads of new things to ponder .