Philippine Family Tree

Condolence to the family, our respects to you.
But I just find your names very uncommon.

Tagged ! 5 things I am thankful for.

"Seaside Jewels" Thank You Cards

This is my first time to be tagged, and it came from a very sexy lady from the South. Well, all sexy ladies are from the South, ehem, ehem !

1. Thank you, God, that I woke up today, still alive and kicking well.
2. Thank you, all my patients, for putting your trust on me. They wouldn't want anybody to touch their eyes except me.
3. Thank you, my son, for being a beautiful person. I still can't believe that my blood and my soul has produced a wonderful child.
4. Thank you, my husband, for loving and adoring me all this years, even if my mood swings are more frequent now.
5. Thank you, my fate and destiny, for bringing me where I am today. I'm forever grateful to you God for guiding my lost soul.

Hurry Putter

I just watched Harry Potter the movie tonite. Whenever I see movies, i usually rate it as "can happily live without it" or "would have died if i did'nt watch it".
And without doubt Harry belongs to the former, pagka-way klarong salidaha, pakapinan pa sa bati kaayo nga sound system sa SM Cinema 2. Mupay mag-lisud ta ug sabut sa British Accent, di pa ta kaapas kay piit kaayo ang ininglis.
Wa gyuy lami.