What is good in parting, what is good in being left behind, what is good in waiting for someone to come back, what is good in hoping that you will be remembered.

Old friends, new friends, new found friends, on-line friends, trivial friends, one way or the other, your paths has crossed. Each prose that comes from the keyboard are linkages of your emotions. Some will call it shallow but I call it spiritual. How then can you unravel the connection of minds and thoughts on someone you just read and sometimes feel?

Arianne, we may not have seen each other, but you have touched my soul. Cebu will always be a part of you. I may not be a part of your planeteers but I feel that I am your constant moon, following every revolution that your planet takes. Your everlasting light that follows the tides of your life. Wherever you go, my thoughts will always be with you, as silent as the moon, as strong as the pull of gravity.

Goodbye, my baby Rain. But its really a pseudo-parting, the earth is still round and web is very much expanding.

Hello, again.