Itchy Fingers

The hubby has been bogging me to blog again.But ang pangutana, kung ganahan pa ba ko mo-blog?

Facebook memes was all i can do for a while but somehow moabot ang kala-ay nga way makapahupay. BUt the videolink of OBAMA (the NOOOBELle PRice WiNNer) saying that what yoou write in Facebook now, may haunt you later.

God knows kung unsay akong gi-pangyawit didto and i dont want my status updates to look like im a whiner, of course kapoy man jud nang mo-trabaho, but do you have to shout it to everyone who already knows!
Pero, kung bo-ot nimong huna-hunaon, its not only in facebook that will haunt you later but sooner than later, the whole Internet she-bang will get back at you. Simbako lang kung naay masuko nako nganong sexy ko sa una unya sexiest lang ko karon (hehehe). I dont begrudge people who are more beautiful later than before! What matters is they read me and not necessarily that i read them, their blogs i mean not their brains.

The past few months was not a roller coaster for us it was a tsunami!

So i have lot to share and you have a lot to read that is if you're still with me.

Would this mean that i want to be haunted later?