Viki's Gift

....... and I will not tell u what's inside.....but i surely i loved it!
this is my first gift from an online best friend.
Thank you, Viki!

Lenten Changes

Looking back through all the past Lenten seasons, this '08 was the most unforgettable one. Lenten season is always associated with life change as we experienced the passion of Christ.

Although, we haven't been doing the usual religious practice of going Visita Iglesias, processions and confessions last week, it has changed a lot of my biases and perceptions of people. I spend 4 days with these (see pictures above) real and interesting people in a northern town. I was able to shed some of my biases, and confirmed some nagging feelings. It's always better to read the book than watch it on the big screen. Not all things can be perceived by just watching the actors but you have to see through them and feel their words, spoken and the unspoken ones, most especially. For us (well, for me) to be able to understand their stories. And to somehow share the pains and joys of our lives. I learned a lot from them. My gratitude to this fellow adventurers.