The Man and the Five Mountains

Mt. Malindang

Mt. Lumot


E just arrived from Silay City today, where they conquered the mountains and witnessed the Tinagong Dagat. This is his fifth major climb and he wanted me to chose the 'i-was-there' photos for his album.

He reads my posts diligently, so now, my beloved, this is for you.


Dad, I can't find the Mt. Apo pics and will post the Silay pics once i've edited it.

Testing 1-2-3

Im here right now in the land of promise where internet cafes are hard to find.
Im sure daghan na sila diri but i dont know where to find them.
Or tapulan lang jud ko mangita! He he he.
My clinic assistant was the who prodded me to use the web features of my hardy N70.
And guess what, no more net cafes for me.

Mura jud ug commercial oi!
Magpabayad na jud ko sa nokia ani!
I can blog and access my email anywhere now bAsta na ay lang 3G signal.
Im now testing if i can really posts thru celfon, so if this will be successfully posted here.
Then, i believe!

Why do I blog thee, let me count the ways!

The Blog Rounds!

1. IRL, im a very talkative person. During my elementary days, number ONE ko pirmi sa lista sa Most Talkative Pupils sa akong maestra, guess, this is just an extension of my loquacious self.

2. I have a very big thought, in short, nagdahum ko nga mahimo kung WRITER ig ka dako na ko, karong dako nako ug HAWAK (waist). Nag-dahum lang gihapon ko!

I'm an insomniac, so the next best thing after watching TV and reading is tinkering with the computer. I'm not an encoder, so mamutbot na lang ko sa internet with my blogs! Wah!

4. I got inspired with those people who blogs even the minutest thing that happens to their life to the minute and to the hour. They are making a living diary through their blogs. SO, bakit hindi ko rin gayahin! so... GO!.... BLOG!

5. It's only in the blogging world that I can exchange word with the famous writers and celebrities, first name basis pa jud! hi brian, how's DJ? oh di ba!

6. Sharing is living... So I share my thoughts so that I can live, not yet to the fullest, but at least adding to it little by little.

7. Every opinion counts, I like mine to be counted.

8. Blogging keeps me on my toes, there are more word players out there who can mince me with their adjectives and nouns. Much more the verbs. So, I'm a pygmy fish in the Philippine Deep.

9. Wala lang, gusto lang nako nga makit-an ako name sa GOGGLE. Mag-buot mo?!!!

10. And sometimes, I do put my foot in my mouth! ka-uwaw! sample ni ron.