The Man and the Five Mountains

Mt. Malindang

Mt. Lumot


E just arrived from Silay City today, where they conquered the mountains and witnessed the Tinagong Dagat. This is his fifth major climb and he wanted me to chose the 'i-was-there' photos for his album.

He reads my posts diligently, so now, my beloved, this is for you.


Dad, I can't find the Mt. Apo pics and will post the Silay pics once i've edited it.


Bonedoc said...

Dr. Tess, nice your luvy hubby also liked to "conquer" mountains! Hope I can climb kanlaon with him in the future.

I have my blogsite for my treks and wanderings at Talakudong Mountaineer. Feel free to browse and introduce it to your hubby!

dr tes said...

bonedoc, he hopes to bump into you soon in the trail. His group is planning Mt Talinis next.