Lechon of my life!

The Blog Rounds!

Before i start my ode to my favorite food, let me apologize for not sending entries to the past 2 or 3 TBR's. I would have ranted on the unfit and cheating TO on the "Mentors, Tormentors" and would have written on my Lolo who shouldered my medical school bill with an iron hand on "The Doctor's Family".

The thing is the whole Colgate Family (yes, colgate! kay kada pislit sirit) went to the Surfing Kingdom in Siargao, were my entire GI system was wrecked. I puked most of the time due to the gigantic waves that rocked the small Cokaliong ship from Cebu to Surigao, then Surigao to Cebu, Surigao to Siargao and Siargao to Surigao.

I cried for the delicious Surigao BBQ, the lobster and king prawns and yes, the LECHON, that has to forcefully leave my stomach.

Congressman Lalo, welcoming us!

Surfing on dry land.

On the shores of Naked Island.

And now back to LECHON....

Lechon is synonymous to celebration in every Pinoy's mind.

But for this Pinay, CEBU LECHON is it.

I have to admit that there is no better lechon than a CEBU LECHON. You can argue or quarrel with me but I will stick to my Cebu Lechon. I can eat it any time of the day. It can be leftover adobong lechon with the crispy skin or the lechon paksiw with vinegar (my mouth is watering), sarap!

Years ago, my friend and I craved for a lechon. So, we went to SM Fairview (i reviewed for med licensure exam at Tating's Boarding house in Fairview) to look for one. There was a big signage in the food court "Lechon Cebu". We were so excited, we bought one kilo right away. Yes, virginia, one kilo for the two of us. With the first excited bite, we grimaced because it was not as we expected it to taste , it was hard, dry and bland. We have to drown it with the sad gravy they gave us, just to swallow it. We were cursing all the time we ate it. Well, we have to ate it kay sayang, mahal ang kilo. And we vowed never again to eat Lechon in Manila.

During residency, whenever the interns or the PGI's behaved or made a good job, I sometimes bring with them to my Lechon-eating-binges. During my "leche days", only the good ole Lechon can change the scowl to a smile.

Happy Lechon Day!

bawal mag-laway!


Dr. Ness, thank you for missing me! Touch ayo ko adto ha!