Sunday Road Trip with the JET's

The road was smoking!
Hot morning with the sudden outburst of rain = steam.
What a Great Sunday to go out with the JET's.

In Doctora Macrina's Park, with the Bird Man of Cebu, the famous OKING!
No visit to the watershed is complete unless you pass by his house
and listen to the songs of the Siloy, Cebu's Official Bird.
He is the Siloy Guardian in Tabunan.

The tortuous road to Transcentral Hi-way.
Okay lang, basta naay sweet corn and
lechon bisaya nga maka-on.
Pakapinan ug cool views, busog!

I asked the unico hijo if he wants to see the GMA Tower,
"di lang, mi, kay kapamilya raba ko. (tiwiwing!)",
anyhu, we went anyway.