Thank God, the eye is saved by a kevlar visor! And Mr. BUSH is slaughtering them by the dozen. Only in this crazy world.

m in iraq and im a u.s marine. i got hit with a s.v.b.i.e.d(suicide vehical born improvised expslosive device.) it was thirteen 155 artilery rounds and 10 to 12 morders(250 puonds of raw explosives.) i was the gunner on the lead vehical. 20 feet from the bomb . im getting to is the the goggles work they saved my left eye. thanks wiley x. i think all military should wears these goggles they work on extrem shit! here is some kick ass photos of me and you will see how they saved my eye.
from pfc burnside

Wiley X SG1 goggles - battle tested, US Marines approved.

pictures deleted as requested by mr burnside.

Eye Finger

My Dormant Profession

Pure, safe, wholesome marine biology image

Okay, you’ve made up your mind to be a marine biologist. Never mind the horror in the eyes of your parents, the disbelief on the faces of your “friends”, and that faintly disoriented look your cat always has when she lies on your lap and kneads your abdomen.

You know that you are not going to be a marine biologist in order to talk to dolphins or make obscene amounts of money. Rather, you realize that you are driven by a higher and purer calling. You are like some 6th Century European shepherd who sees an image of the Emperor Justinian on the rear end of a ewe and decides to carry the animal on his back to Constantinople to show the Emperor. The fact that on his way he is waylaid by Lombards, sold into slavery, and winds up as a tax preparer in northern Italy should not in any way dissuade you from your own personal crusade.

My Favorite Family

Q's & A's by Ayeza Winfrey, GB (the Great Bisdak)

Doc Tess::

here are the questions i emailed you for the Interview me; Have fun!

Wow now im in a panic hoping to come up with really good questions for you.
So here it goes:

1. What is the best thing about being an eye doctor?

Saying that doing a great service to the patient would be an understatement, im just human and i have a homo sapien ego, => just a humbled homo sapien ego.

The IT moment always happen ( with a relief on your part that you're done with the surgery), upon removing the eye bandage, the patient, will now sport a big smile, "hayaga, doktora, oi", then the mischievous-cum-shy-smile will now appear paired with a hush, "tambok di ay ka doktor, noh? di man gud maklaro sa una". And i will banter now by telling her, "tambok ko, Nang, pero sexy! pero kung imong duha na ka-mata atong ma-operahan, maka-ingon jud kag, sexy nga gwapa man di ay ni akong doktora oi."

Next follow up, act surprise when she will give you a kilo of mango, avocado or a bayong of vegetables from their little farm down deep in the mountains or she will bring you a live chicken bisaya placed inside a "buyot".

Now, tell me if it isn't that the best thing that can happen to you or to anyone.

2. How and when did you started blogging?

Im a frustrated technie, I bought my palm without even knowing how to use it, then i bought a PC, after which i bought a laptop with the other gizmos that goes with it. I even bought an adaptor for wifi, then later knowing that SMART bro doesn't need one.

When the PC arrives, my reason to my husband dearie for the broadband connection was to search for websites that could fast track our immigration plans.

But, my oh my, i stumbled upon bisayabloggers by googling bisaya. I read the posts (i didn't know it was called blogs then) and i started to click some buttons and it has brought me to thousand and one sites. I was starting to have fun with what I'm reading in the bisayabloggers. Whereas, before, my web surfing would be limited to Philippine Daily Inquirer and some Canada/USA/Australia for immigration sites, now i completely forgot about them, preferring instead to blog surf my links and to do some little blogging on the sides (im still learning about the paid blogs/survey routine, ha! the endless search for dollars, oink,oink,oink).

And now im hooked. What was i thinking? Btw, the hubby is my number one fan and my critique and he doesn't mind paying the broadband now. And yes, we let our immigration plans sit for awhile, we love the Philippines too much and we hate the chores we're forced to do with migration. I wouldn't be doctor, he wouldn't be lawyer.

All to gain nothing to lose.

And oh, still don't know how to use my palm, i gave it to my sister na lang.

3. As a first time visitor in Carcar, Cebu, what will be the best place to visit to and why?

You have to be in my house first, we will have chicharon, lechon carcar, bocarillo and pastel de leche, then we will go to the church of St. Catherine of Alexandria, passing through the statue of Leon Kilat in the Plaza, and i will tell about his very sad story of bravery and treachery among the influential Carcaranons then ( i have a post that talks about it, its here in my archives somewhere).

Then we will tour the various old spanish houses in the town and then you will learn how not to take care of your heritage by just a glance at this houses. Poor houses. But why spend on the outside when you're stomach is growling with hunger. And oh, you will also learn how not to become a poor old rich person as part of the tour.

As a requisite, you have to see the old Carcar Dispensary with the swimming pool, now decrepit, and imagine the glory days of its usefulness.

Balay na Tisa is an overrated place, but at least i can bring you somewhere where the family still cared for their heritage. And you will have blast with the higante statues of the 12 apostles in the Carcar Plaza, this was made by the late Martino Abellana, an underrated pupil of Fernando Amorsolo, who I think has been forgotten by local government of Carcar.

Lest, I be misunderstood, i love my Carcar very much. And what is now happening in Carcar is fast becoming a International phenomenon.

Change is the only thing that doesn't CHANGE.

4. "If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why"

I would like to be JOCJOC, the son of Mr. Incredible. No one is still sure on what his superpowers are, except to change into various forms, i bet he will learn his power as he grows older and he will adjust to it as he goes along.

Power is a big responsibility, how much more a SUPERPOWER, it is a bigger responsibility.

Better be like JOCJOC, his superpower can still be formed and molded according to how he is being brought up by the Incredible family.

5. Given a chance to do interview past and present prominent people, who would you choose and what will be your first question for him/her?

Marilyn Monroe.
Honey, how could you have done this thing to yourself? Are you crazy?
You're such an idiot, gurl.

so if you wanna be interviewed, here are the rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone
else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five

Looking forward to reading your answers in your blog!
Thank you, Ayeza.