Tagay ug Pan

Nakurat ko, pagka-kita nako nila nga
ang pan gi-paresan ug Gold Eagle!
Mga udtong tutuk jud ni nahitabo.
Naunsa na naman tawn ta oi,
unahon naman lang nato ang inum kaysa kaon.
Graveh to the max!

Weekend in Alcoy

Last Saturday, I was invited by my college buddy, who is now a municipal councilor of Alcoy,( about 2 hours drive from the city), to do cataract screening in preparation for a surgical mission to held on August. There were about 8 patients who qualified.
Johnny booked us at BODO's Bamboo Bar.
It's a resort located on top of a hill, overlooking the sea. You can see the Island of Bohol from the bar. They have a swimming pool fit for kids and a jacuzzi.
My son got in the pool upon arriving and never left till it was time to go to bed.

Johnny's kids were also there and the kids bonded well.
We, adults did some catch ups with our present lives. And, boy, we changed a lot.
From, the happy go lucky days during college , when Manang's was still the Queen in USC-TC and maong pants were not meant to be washed daily, plus the white Fruit of the Looms shirt was still the official uniform of TC guys.
And when was the last time you dive, chuva choo choos.
And yadah, yadah on the waist. Oopps! treading on dangerous territory.

I'm healthy and I'm sexy, ayaw mo palag kay ako ni blog. Ang mo-objection kay kuha-an ug uban!
Then, we looked at the kids and noticed that my son and his daughter were really getting along.
Time sa, bai, kung gusto ka nga mag-padayon atong panag-amigo?!?!
Ayawg ka-guol, bai, kay andam na ang armalite?!?!
ANd we laughed, like crazy.