The Bora Adventure

Lawyering in the beach

It's the time of year again, that we have to withdraw our vacation fund for a perfect family get-away.
In a spur of the moment decision, Boracay is it!

The travel expenses alone is already a call center employee's two months salary.
But we didn't expect was the many fees that we have to endure before hitting the powdery sand, while the boat ride is only P19.50, the port terminal fee P50, the jetty terminal and the environment fee P50 !
(why do men collect payment, when God gave it us for free).
I only hope that this payments will go to were it's intended for.
And the locals have mastered the art of padding everything, for a P5 tricycle ride in Caticlan, they will charge you P40 aside from the tricycle terminal fee of P50. That's already 3 terminal fees you have to pay. For a P10 tricycle fee in the island, they charged P20. huwah!
In the island, almost all people are 'commissioners', they get a percentage of all the 'whatevers' from the tourists, local and more on the foreigners. And the food is so expensive !

But I admit, Bora is the ultimate beach vacation. But its no place for penny pinchers!

The best tasting ice cream in the whole world!

The Shadows on Paraw!

Resting our feet in the sands

Swimming in the sand

Having a night fun with Reggae music

Sprawling on the beach at night

Building sand castles