she sings in the bathroom, and she rocks!

I have created a lot of blogs inside my head, from my thoughts on food, anecdotes I heard, on funny signs, my bad and nice feelings and some things related with my work.

Pero unsa mang hitabo-a kung, mag-atubang nako sa monitor, mawala man tanan. Is this what we call as blogemesia? (kauban kaha ni sa blogorheaa o opposite?)

God, i wish i could be as poetic as my baby rain or as prolific as the bisdakplaneteers, or as philosophic as paolo, but it will remain a wish as of now.

please GOD, give me the power of the written word.

Whispering Stupidity: a vacation in hell

The long weekend brought us to the island of Negros. The Hubby was climbing the majestic Mt Kanloan with the Boylets and we were sent to the island of Sipaway just off San Carlos City (just 20 mins by pump boat from the port) to wait for his return from the mountains. Upon arriving at the WHISPERING PALMS BEACH RESORT (German owned with 5 wives), we were very much impressed with the clean cottages and well maintained shrubs and greens.

However, we were much disappointed with their services and with the German owner with a myopic view of what a friendly resort should be. He charged us P2,400 (>< 50$) with a family room with no TV, no 24H aircon (only 6pm to 6am, to save on generator fuel, kuno, but isnt that included in the cost ?), only 2 single beds, and he has the nerve to impose a 4 pax only to a room when his brochure clearly stated 6 pax to a family room. There were 4 of us and my son, he wanted us to get another room because ONLY 4 PAX ARE ALLOWED ONLY. How stupid can he be! the 5th person was a 9 year child. Luckily, he saw the light. But, oh my, the food was very much over priced (one order from their menu is equivalent to one meal we have, good for 5 pax with extra rice, ice cream and 2 rounds of drinks at San Carlos City) and WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING FOOD AND BEVERAGES. We don't mind paying top money as long as its reasonable, and, hello, this is not our first time to have an out of town vacation nor stayed in a "high end" resort.

We chose to be patient in honor of the feast day of San Carlos Borromeo which happened to be celebrated that weekend. We spend the rest of the day swimming, and there was no pool life guard ! the pool doesn't even have lights during the night ! And on the day we checked out, they was no bellboy to carry our heavy bags.

Whisper it LOUD and CLEAR, stay away from this resort.