Ice Cream amd Buwad Marriage

ExactlyImg_0069_1 10 years ago, December 24, 1996, 12 midnight, we officially became a couple. Tungod siguro sa nindot kaayo nga fireworks display nga malantawan namo sa bintana niadto nga higayon, ug di pa pud kaha sa katugnaw sa panahon sa Pasko, nga nisaad mi sa isig namung usa nga mag-hinigugmaay.

From tImg_0125hen on, we were like two peas in a pod, one could never be without the other. We discovered each other as we go along the way. Then our little bundle of joy came along, it was rocky road at first but just like the ice cream, the chocos, peanuts and the mallows settled to become a yummy concoction. A year later, we walk down the aisle with our little Joe.

Marriage was neImg_0009_1ver made to be perfect, it's like cookies and cream, sometimes you get the hard part but sometimes you can have the soft side. Mura pud ni siya ug buwad, kung dugayon ug pa-init, mag kalami bisag daghang langaw nga mag-sige ug alirong. It will test your patience and measure the intensity of your love and devotion. I guess, we must be doing something right for we're still standing together despite of everything and anything.

P.S. His first gift was a bottle of ginamos, followed by a lechon manok bisaya, followed by lots of ice creams and chorizo. Ikaw bay pakan-on pirmi, di baka manambok. The best way to a woman's heart is indeed, truly through her stomach and that's the truth.