To cut for a living

I borrowed the title from Bonedoc from his latest post on the economics of medicine.

For the last six months, I have been on my own private practice, no more LandBank ATMs to check if my hard earned salary has some leftovers from all the loans and deductions. I now have to wait for the clinic door to open and excitedly peek if a patient has lost his way to my eye clinic. Yes, it was a patient and he asks nervously how much is the consultation fee? With a bright smile, Marj, my secretary said "150 ra sir" (this was before i join a group practice, well, we charge a little more now). "Sige lang mam, kay mubalik ra ko." There goes my patient, there goes my consultation fee, there goes my secretary's salary. With that promise, 99.9% of them will not comeback. That's how hard life is for a doctor, no patient, no moolah. (So, warning to all the parents who wants their little boys and girls to become a doctor when they grow up, be prepared to be asked for allowance even if their age is past the calendar month.)

Another dilemna. Now you have a patient. Mamser, this is your problem......, we have to this to heal your piskat, buy this eye drop and come to me for check up after one week. Please give your money to Marj outside. Yes! naka-pasyente na jud! Then, Marj, peeks through your door and asks hushly, Doc, pwede ba daw half lang iyang bayaran kay wa na siya ika-plete para uli. Tiwiwiwing! imo pa hinuong sala nga dili sila kauli! Marj, please tell them nga ako lang silang ihatud sa ila. (joke!joke!)

Kani, pasyente na jud! Mamser, kinahanglang jud nato operahan imong catarata para ka maka-klaro pag-usab sa mga binuhat sa Ginoo. Pag-andam ug $$$$$ para sa operasyon. Doc, pwede lang mi muhuwat ug naay cataract mission? Tiwiwwiwing napud. Vision is my mission, literally.

Lain na pud. Sige doc, ok ra mi mag-paopera. hangyo lang mi doc ha kay wa jud mi kwarta, wa na juy trabaho ako bana. She looks sincere and she looks somewhat not well off. Ok, mamser, hangyoon lang taka ug $$$$$. Then I chanced upon her being fetched by a Nissan Patrol, not surplus ha. Tiwiwiwiwing!

But this is not the be all and end all of my life as a medical practitioner. Lest you misunderstood me. I love my job, i love being an eye doctor in a third world country.