The Rectal Playground: Mga mirisi!

what is that snellen's chart doing there ?

The perfume spray fiasco is only a glimpse of what perverts can do to their ass holes. Admittedly, there are people who find joy in this anal eroticism, for whatever sick pleasure they get from it.

This is what happens when a foreign body is not retrieved per rectum, it has to be taken abdominally.

A comprehensive review of scientific papers has been done to document this embarrassing phenomenon.

A list has been made of the favorite toys of this imbalanced individuals.

Some radiographic images of what these sickies inserts up their ass when they wanted to play.

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message in a bottle

tube inside

Shaving cream can in rectum
shaving cream can inside

Foreign rectal body coke bottle

ass drinking coke


shot glass on the wrong end


Mga mirisi!