The Rectal Playground: Mga mirisi!

what is that snellen's chart doing there ?

The perfume spray fiasco is only a glimpse of what perverts can do to their ass holes. Admittedly, there are people who find joy in this anal eroticism, for whatever sick pleasure they get from it.

This is what happens when a foreign body is not retrieved per rectum, it has to be taken abdominally.

A comprehensive review of scientific papers has been done to document this embarrassing phenomenon.

A list has been made of the favorite toys of this imbalanced individuals.

Some radiographic images of what these sickies inserts up their ass when they wanted to play.

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message in a bottle

tube inside

Shaving cream can in rectum
shaving cream can inside

Foreign rectal body coke bottle

ass drinking coke


shot glass on the wrong end


Mga mirisi!


theworkingmom said...

Hi, Dra Tes! I've read your comment over at Dr Clairebear's blog. I must commend you for taking the side of the surgeons. I always thought that the greatest mistake is that of the person/s who uploaded the video on youtube. There was really no cause to do so. Of course, there's the issue of confidentiality. 1 small action, daming nadadamay. Syempre, media will always play up the wrongdoing. Hay!

This IS an interesting case, though, so sana the official videotape (sans identification like an educational tape) would best be shown as a learning tool OUTSIDE the OR. Dapat talaga yung mga iba di na nagdala ng cell phone inside the OR, tapos kinalat pa. Hay!


ian said...

hi doc.

i can't help but notice the use in this blog entry of numerous adjectives to categorize negatively the victim in the so-called perfume fiasco: pervert, sickies, imbalanced.

i think the last thing that needs to be hyped here is victim-blaming. what may seem "abnormal" to us maybe not so for other people. for all we know, the insertion of that item maybe without the victim's permission.

to label them as such, IMHO, distracts us from the greater issue, the lapse in judgment of some health professionals.

to blame and label the patient who was video-taped as a sicky, pervert, or imbalanced one is, IMHO, akin to blaming a rape victim because she wore a skirt that was a little above the knee (when we know that rape is about power and not about lust and will happen regardless of one's attire) or calling all obese individuals as insensitive-gluttons-who-do-not-care-a-single-bit-about-the-dying-in -darfur (when there is proof of its genetic nature). i don't think our obese patients would like it if we call them matakaw =0

regardless of the patient's mental state and preference in life, he should have been accorded utmost respect, just like what we'd desire for a family member needing a delicate procedure =]

sorry ginawa ko nang blog ang comments page mo =0


The Blog Rounds 7 is calling for entries! "mission" details are in my blog =] hope you can join =]

Dr. Emer said...

Hello, Dra. Tess!

Whether these people are "perverts" or "imbalanced" individuals is a matter of personal opinion. Something which we, as doctors, should keep to ourselves when these people approach us and seek our help. We must not let our negative perspectives get the upperhand.

I think the real issue is whether the patient's right to privacy and confidentiality was enforced or not. Regardless of belief, race, color, and.... yes, sexual orientation, we must treat all patients as onjectively as we can. If not, we should defer to the better judgment and care of another colleague and refer them immediately.

Prejudice is always a challenge and a difficult obstacle to overcome.

Like those who preceded me, my sincere apologies for my lengthy comment.

dr tes said...

dr. joey, the nursing student who uploaded the video on youtube was prevented from graduating and was given sanctions already by her school but mega damage has been done already.

dr.ian, the patient was not a victim, he was a willing accomplice to the act. im sorry for my words that but that was what i felt about this whole fiasco. im ranting my feelings. the patient now is asking for 6M to drop the his charges. sa pera lang pala ito uuwi!

dr emer, i assure you that i will take into heart your advice and i am never prejudiced to my patients. i made this incident personal because i know the medical team very well and for whatever lapse of judgment they may have, they should not be prosecuted by that alone. this can happen to any one of us and i wouldn't be the first one to throw the first stone. as to confidentiality and privacy, the patient's face was never shown on the video even in the official GS video (this is with consent). the surgeons were not the one who uploaded the video on youtube. the patient was sought out by the ABSCBN team here in cebu and was prodded to talk on TV. his name was not even mentioned in the video. it all started when he admitted on TV that it was him on youtube.
thank you so much for your comments.

Anonymous said...

i think its only right for the patient to seek compensation. i mean after seeing himself on youtube, being ridiculed and all? the patient, a.k.a. the victim, has the right to seek moral damages.
and speaking of rights, the right of the patient to privacy, did he get that through the medical staff who operated on him? NO. thats unethical. irregardless of who your patient may be, sick or abnormal or whatever you call them, they should be given equal respect.
the issue here isn't gay sex or anal sex but the patient's right to privacy.
sorry po napahaba. ;)

dr tes said...

underside, thank you for the comments. have you seen the youtube video?

Marco said...

JAckass movie are doing this. hehe

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