as a fitting good bye to the summer sun,
our family decided to go to the town of Badian,
a 3 hour ride from the City
to have a vacation finale for the year.

we passed by the town of Naga to eat
and take a leak for the long journey ahead.
we spot this sign at the St. Francis Square in NAga.

in Barili, we saw this spaceship roof on a house on top of a hill.
it's like waiting for SS Enterprise to arrive and
ready to wine and dine the whole Star Trek crew.

a funny name for a school,
"yu tink im crazy, huh?"

at last we reach the 203 km mark,
just very near to our destination.

here we are at last,
but we have to travel 1.8 kms more
of smooth asphalted road.

the candle tree lined entrance to our cottage.

the lonely cottage at the end of the breakwater,
the sand was powder white, the water was warm.

the infinity pool, from where you can view
the Tanon Strait and clearly see the Negros Island.

a happy family in Badian
where to go next year?
we're open to suggestions.


Fiesta and elections in the Philippines are synonymous.
The only difference is the patron,
in fiestas, you have a saint for a patron,
in elections, you have glorified crocs and pigs in the altar.
And the winners, all belong to one zoo.
We, monkeys, deserves the punishment.
Whip it hard and hot !

Durian Country Collection

usa ka isla nga naay water slide,
ug water slide ra jud.
maagi-an ni nga isla padong sa Pearl Farm.
bright jud ang nag-mugna aning kalingawana.
murag ma M-I-L-O, MUMU man ta aning hitabo-a.
pastilanan, onli in da pinas!
pag-ka way lingaw!

if you have money, you can drink,
if no money, no drink.
no money, no utang, no drink.
looy pud!

ihaw sa tagawg, gi-sugba.
ihaw sa bisdak, gi-luglugan ug ulo.
in aderwords, kaduha ka ihawa.
HILO sa tagawg, na-lipong pa
HILO sa bisdak, namatay na!
bai-da-way pa jud,
Langgam sa tagawg, nag-kamang pa
Langgam sa bisdak kay nag-lupad na!
didiketid ni YOYOY,
maayong pag-panaw kanimo bisdak idol.

dapit sa uwa-aw nga dalan,
padong ni sa Eden Park,
man-limbawt imong balhibo sa tingkoy, apil ang sa ilok
kay murag naa sa horror movie,
basig naa unya'y mu-babay nga mga bata
nga nag-lutaw lutaw sa hangin.

say "SEX".....

hunawanan sa kamot sa mga customer nga ni-kaon ug Durian
sa may Magsaysay Park.

Ang paning-kamot sa usa ka uud sa sulod sa prutas nga kaimito


mi- guho,



ug mi-panaw.....

ang uud.....