A Funeral and A Wedding

My friend Katherine Veloso died Saturday. She was afflicted with cancer of the breasts which has mets all over her body including her brain and lungs which means that she never had a chance with her fight of the Big C. According to her husband, on the day that she passed away, she kept on removing her IV's and needles and would refuse any meds given to her. Its as if she had given up and she just wanted to be let go. She was 34. She left behind a son and a grieving husband.

We visited her wake last night, the STC-Cebu BAtch '89 came to console with the family. There we were, all healthy, chattering, living girls and there was Viels in front, lying in her coffin peaceful and at rest. A grim reminder that all of us temporary beings in these world.

Most of the girls were in a melancholic mood and saying that Viels is still so young to die, etc. etc. I just kept to myself thinking, if being alive is equivalent to the difficult chemo treatments plus needles and avalanche of labs plus the mega expenses, then I'd rather be dead knowing that my family would be in neck deep debt just to sustain my clinging life which would be gone anyway. Another thought occurred to me, Viels was very fortunate that she had a very supportive family, emotionally and financially and they were able to sustain her life as long as it permits them. She had live a fulfilled life.

To my friend Viels, where ever you maybe right now, we will always cherish your memory.

Just as were going home, the girls said that we should meet at the Coffee Beanery just down the block for a video taping session. I said what? videotaping? what the hell for? Yup, Dr. Aimee Alinsorin of Pennsylvannia and Cebu,is walking down the aisle and is asking for videos of her high school friends. That pulled us out of our melancholic mood.

Life is still worth living for and live life like it would be your last.

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