The guy above is Dong Abay, the lead vocals of the pinoy pop-folk-rock-icon, YANO.

While driving home from work today, due to this guy's powerful larynx and strong message (I was listening to all the CD tracks of THE BEST OF YANO 2001), I was transported to turbulent youths of the generation Y, the 90's, my generation and I'm not ashamed to admit that, yes, i have my share of head banging days and laundryless maong pants (the more soiled the better it looks).

YANO, was the icon of my youth. Dong Abay (they said he's a BISDAK but im not sure) was the Yspeaker (moveover Bianca and Ryan) of those times.

As qouted from wikipedia ....

" Yano’s music was well known for their political and social themes. Their songs censure religious hypocrites like in "Banal Na Aso, Santong Kabayo" (Holy Dog, Horse Saint), immoral politicians in "Trapo" (colloqial term for traditional politicians, it also literally translates to a dust rag), the lingo of the Philippine's elite in "Cono Ka P’re" and abusive capitalist in "Mc’Jo". Yano’s songs also narrate the situation of the Philippine society during the 1990s. The song "Kumusta Na" discusses the condition of the Filipino masses after the first EDSA Revolution. The song "Abno", also known as "Abnormal Environmental", tackles on the environment while "Kaklase" focuses on students facing maltreatment by their teachers. Another social relevant song "Mercy" tells about the story of a crazy peddler in the Philippines known as the taong grasa."

I was at the front stage when they had their concert here in Cebu. Dong, then was the epitome of a rock star. He writhes and slide his body on stage with his widely open eyes, making you think that he is the Demon rockstar. I dont know if he was on drugs or was just on purely natural high. And he was not bald, his hair was full and roughly toussled.

BUT Once he start spewing his lyrics of protest, dismay and frustrations, stupid love (........iniwanan ka pala ng young boypren, kasi ayaw nya sa buhok mo......) and of course, the beata song (......banal na aso, santong kabayo...) the crowd goes wild, as I added my shout and my stomp. And boy, headbanging too. I must have gotten my migraines from this.

And that was more than 10 years ago. His "Kumusta na", if sang today would still be answered the same way, nothing happens after EDSA, the same corruption still exists, the same crimes and the same people still rules.

I'm not ashame to say that I was NOT an armchair activist then, I dabbled in student activism, we shouted the same slogans, we use the same propaganda. Nothing changes with their act, only the personalities changes. Makes you wonder, when they are going to overhaul their game plan. It did not work then, it will not work now.

ANd maybe, Dong felt the same way, he went into hiding, in his own bedroom. He did not venture out of his room for 4 years, they say for clinical depression, but i say there is nothing clinical about it, it was of shame that we are still what we are before EDSA or because of frustration that we have'nt been doing what we are supposed to be doing as a country, as a nation and as FILIPINOS. Mabuhay ka YANO! MAbuhay ka DONG!

P.S. Dong Abay has emerged from his bedroom with one son and a new band, uniquely known as dongabay.

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