He won ! But i can feel the pain of being vanquished and the face of cluelessness of his boxing career on Mr. Morales' face. Lets celebrate his victory but we should remember that all is not victorious. To Mr. Morales, thank you for the good fight, even if we feel shortchanged of the lessen period of brutal punching as you gave out on the third round. To Manny, congratulations, and may you not squander your wealth as some past boxers have done.
Remember N-A-V-A-R-R-E-T-E! No mas!

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talk said...

Hi Doc. I seldom get visits from a Doctor. This time you'd visit my blog again coz I nominated you for Filipino blog of the Week. :-)

I'm originally from Argao and my parents are living there. Right now, I am in the US.

God bless you on your profession. Thanks for helping the Argaowanons "see" again.