The Vigan of South Cebu : Carcar's Old Spanish Houses

The very famous Balay na Tisa of the Valencia Family.

They say that almost all of the antiques and valuables were sold by the previous owner and heir but a rich relative recovered it and brought the house to its original setting.
The house is open to the public, a must for every local tourist who wants to experience something Spanish.
Carcar's Caro of the Cruxifixion is placed in the house.

This old house is the lone witness of the ownership feud of the various family who at one time or another resides in this house. Presently, the Marcial Family is living here.

Regis Surgical Clinic now occupies the ground floor.

This is the Old Sato Residence converted into a commercial building, it used to housed the local LTO office and a coffee shop. The coffee shop is now a memory, the LTO transferred far from the center of the town.
Now, this remnant of what used to be a beautiful house is home to two appliance stores and a veterinary clinic.

An abandon old Tisa house owned by a branch of the Valencia Family. It's old wooden planks and posts were ransacked by thieves and everything was stolen .

It now stands as ghost of the past, only the vines are keeping it company.

The Lucero family's old relatives still lives in this house but as Carcar progresses, the first floor is now an office arcade from a pharmacy, photoshop and to some boutiques.
The architectural detail is still evident in the windows and balusters.

The home of Carcar's old banking family, the Cui-Marfori. They managed and owned the oldest rural bank in Carcar. The lady of the house, Tita Pilar bakes the meanest cakes and pastries this side of town.

This is the home of the once powerful Noel Clan, in which a member was accused of killing Leon Kilat to pacify the Spaniards in that time.
Apparent neglect of the fragile coral stone walls and the delicate capiz shells of the windows are like screams of the old house to please FIX ME UP!
But if the stomach is also crying for help, ears are deaf to anything else.

Whenever I passby this house, I can hear the laughter of Kapitan Tiago's party in Rizal's Noli Me Tangere, imagining that Padre Damaso, Maria Clara and Crisostomo Ibarra would come out any time.

This old home is owned by Senyorita Anon Noel, a known frugal spinster. Her descendants are trying to restore the house but the blue screen to protect their orchids are way off.


Vicki said...

bitaw sa atoa, daghan ta kaayo ug mga old aning imong mga post....mga historic gyd kaayo.

galing lang kay ambot unsa,...needs of funds or wlay hilig morestore ug ingon ani nga mga butang....

diri, restoration pa gyd....ayohon gyd nila ug karon, nakasapi pod sila kay daghan man mga tourist mobisita...

maayo unta ug diha sa pod no? aning imong mga gipost....pinay gani ko wa ko kahibalo ug kabisita ug ingon ani diha, sa atoa, nga unta atoa ug pinay man ko....

imagine, tisa house and etc.....

sana magpahabilin ni hangtod sa hangtod....kay sayang kaayo....

thnaks for sharing, doctes...

Czarina said...

Is the last photo the house in the REAL location of capitan tiago's house? I would really like to know. :) thanks so much!