On the way to paradise ....... one could not escape the signs of the times.

the best election slogan so far.
SUN (for mayor) is INDAY MALOU's
(for vice mayor & incumbent mayor) Japanese son.
The last line refers to the first letter of the
names of councilors in their ticket.
bright di ba?

for the glory of money!

we're not only tourists,
were shoppers too!

alipins and timawas are not allowed to buy here,
for donya's only!

i would'nt vote for a worm nor a farm pest....
sorry joke lang! basig kaila mo ani niya.

an election slogan in paradise.
you cannot escape politicians,
they're everywhere!

they practise segregation in paradise,
i dont know in hell.

showing to the world our oceans diversity.

what has she done?
did she break your heart or your bone?

smokers are not welcome in paradise
but nudies are.

even to the highest bidder????

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