Daddy Day

To celebrate Daddy's Day, we went to a privately owned beach in Sogod to spend the night last Saturday. The beach house was so serene and nicely furnished (javanese, designed by archt maxwell espina) that we wished we could own such a property in the future (dream big, its free). We pretended that we own the whole house, we jump in the jacuzzi, my son had a blast in the beach, swimming and diving off the platform.
We ate Chicken Bisaya Tinola and Adobo for dinner and freshly caught danggit and parrot fish (the fisherman got it a few meters from where we were swimming) as lunch.
Daddy had a blast of a day and that's what matters. And my son was asking, when is Son's Day, so that we can comeback here and celebrate his day too.


Carlota said...

wow kanindota ba Doc. gusto sab ko moanha dira kay seems like it's worth it.

tawa ko sa imong Son...when is Son's Day? hehehe.

Happy Father's Day to Atty. nag enjoy jud siya sa iyang day.

best regards ninyo tanan.

Lolli said...

doctess arang ka nindot ba ana nga lugar diin ba na dapit :)

balikbayan_box said...

Doc tess:

ako sad gusto maka adto diri sa inyong gi-adtuhan. Nindot kaayo. Puhon maka adto ko karon AUgust 2007

chase said...

Weird I remember commenting on this post.