God Encounters

Last year, I operated on my kababayan patient, she was a born again Christian. During the surgery, she said that she saw an Angel on her right side and the devil on her left side while she was on the operating table. All my patients are under local anesthesia, so there is no after effect if you surmised. The patient has full conscious control and can talk freely. I remember that she wanted to spit and I told her its very difficult to this since she is lying down and sterile drapes are covering her. But nurses are a creative lot, so they were able to accede to the request without comprising the surgery. She said that it was this time that she saw the two entity. Honestly, i don't know if I want to believe her or not. It might be a claustrophobic reaction to all the coverings. But I surely wouldn't want a devil in my OR.

Then, two weeks ago, I did cataract surgery on a Catholic Evangelizer. She recounted that during the surgery, she saw Mama Mary's image. She was fervently praying for the success of the operation and upon seeing the image, she felt lighthearted and very confident.

From this two accounts, nobody can deny that GOD's presence is indeed among us.

I thank you, Lord, for all the successful surgeries.

You are indeed the Master of my Work.


silverfork said...

may you have many many more surgeries doc tes!

karen, said...

God truly blesses us and He is truly amazing! like silverfork, continue to have many succesful surgeries. I am inspired by your work and iniative, and reading this blog has truly touched me. I'm going to share it with those around me and let them know how amazing Jesus truly is. God bless you always in everything you do and everywhere you go!

Anonymous said...

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