The Blog Rounds

BoneMD just invited me to join the The First Filipino MD Blog Rounds. My excitement for the invitation was paired with apprehensions, what can I contribute to the rounds? Am I qualified to be a part of them? Knowing that they are on the upper tier of the Medical seniority hierarchy (im not refering to their age, ha!)

I'm just a simple eye doctor from the provincial islands. What difference would my presence be?

But my little friends are whispering, Game na!

So Bonedoc, Game na!


Bone MD said...

Doc Tess, we actually liked your blog post. Interesting and unique, it gives us a real and refreshing look of medicine outside NCR!

I'm not that senior doc, I'm just another blogger MD making or rather doing my "cut for living" here in the province also!

Jeffrey said...

you're welcome to get onboard SurgeXperiences the blog carnival for surgery!

if you want to host or contribute, the details are there in the main page and we look forward to your participation and support!