PMA who?

The Philippine Daily Idiot (di jud ko motuo nga idiotic ni siya, pwede pa siguro quixotic, hehehe, ionks my man, you're doing great disservice to yourself and to mankind) is asking if the PMA (not the soldier factory!) but the doctors academy if it is still relevant to the clientèle it's suppose to be serving?

Actually, I dont give a hoot! I don't know anyone there, I only concerned myself with the local society since they're the ones giving the certificates for the social insurance's accreditation. If not for these function, they're equivalent to non-existent. As in, maka-pangutana ka, naa di ay ni sila?

Hey, oinks! can I elaborate and rant on the Willie Ong's quotation?

Oh, thank you oinks for the go signal.

Six months before I graduated from training, I already plotted a plan to launch my private practice. I started ordering the necessary gadgets that a decent eye clinic should have, knowing that after residency there will be no monthly salary to lean on. Only your guts and kapalmuks! Unsaon na lang pag-bayad sa taga-liog nga utang! wa rabay mu-palit ug tambok sa seksi.

Since my hometown is pretty near a big hospital, I ask the ever loving husband of mine to buy me some stocks enough to have some kind of privilege in the hospital. Lovable man pud ko, so go! sugot dayon ang husbandry. I talked to the top person who matters and who has the biggest say on my application. Nag-yes siya! So, pay nami sa stocks.

Ever so expecting that I can have admitting and OR privilege, okay lang way admitting privilege, OR privilege lang ako gi-apas...

The big day came when the umbilical cord has been cut. And, I'm free to conquer the world!

I sent some feelers that I would like to practice now, in the hospital. Can I bring my sosyal pxs to the hospital ?

And I was told that I cannot, I have to take the diplomate first. Huh! This is not even a training hospital and I know for a fact that other doctors with no diplomates are practicing already there. I was not told that it's a requirement for the practice. A 360 degress turn about!

So, why am I not surprised that their eye clinic (hospital owned) which they have been neglecting in the past has an assigned eye doctor already?

You can put 2 and 2 together and eureka! you have the answer !

As for now, I have kept my peace, consoling my little ass, nga basig dili ni para ako, para ra ni ila! So, have the cake and you can eat it whole by yourselves.

Kana lang, salamat oinks!


ness said...

doc tes,
naa koy secret itug-an nimo. i can eat a whole cake in one or two or sometimes three days. :=O)

dr tes said...

hala! unsay flavor imo gusto kay palit ta sa sans rival. kalami sa cake diha dgte oi.

hiteleconsultdirectory said...

Hey Tes. The PMA should definitely thank Philhealth for the boost in their membership.

BTW, the call for entries for TBR 14 is now up in my blog. Hope you can join in.

Anonymous said...

Doc Tes, We have exactly the same title for the post! Really goes to show you how oblivious we are to the PMA, ano?

Gosh, your story about the difficulty you went through to practice is shared by too many. Really sad state of affairs we have here.

the philippine daily idiot said...

hi doc. tbr12.5 is up. :-)