You Might Be an E.R. Volunteer if...

  • your immune system attacks a dog crossing your front garden.

  • you have delusions of being an emergency doctor.

  • the EMS guys think your name is the Coffee Mate.

  • you tell the doctors and nurses that you don't get paid anything to do this and they look at you like you'r some kind of a freak.

  • your idea of a good time is a full code at shift change.

  • the EMS guys refer to you as "the pain in the ass that got in my way when I was bringing in a code!"

  • your idea of fine dining is anywhere you can sit down to eat.

  • your favorite colors are green, white and red, even though you are not Italian.

  • your favorite thing is to take orders from medical students.

  • you have recurring nightmares about being knocked to the floor and run over by a portable X-ray machine.

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