Senador Barbie

Kris, sis and cousin taps top designers for Noynoy's wardrobe and haircut

Kalooy pud tawn aning tawhana, gi-buhat ug male Barbie sa iyang mga kabanay nga babae, pero sige na lang kay love og idol man nako si Kris Aquino, pasayloon na lang nako, bisag saputon ko sa nawong aning NOYNOY unya wa raba jud ko mubutar aning tawhana. Hinaut na lang na mo-gwapo siya bisag opaw. Pero kinahanglan pa siya mu-lihok ug daghan para deserving siya sa mga nibutar niya, exemption na lang ko kay kebs kung mag-unsa siya sa SENADO, kay wa gud ko mubutar niya.

I used to like this guy a lot, but when he started to hang out with ERAP'S group, the admiration flew off the window in a puff, KRIS or NO KRIS. If you started to go out with the devil, you will soon become a devil. I cannot trust a man who changes his principles with a wink just to win. If you started out with somebody, stick to the person, whether or not this person is not popular for the moment. Loyalty plays a big role in my book. Then Cory, started to go with ERAP and company, it added more to my dismay. NOYNOY maybe NINOY'S SON but he is his MOTHER'S SON too.

Noynoy can easily succumb to women's charm and this could be his number one distraction or destruction. What can we do ? He grows up with strong women on his side, their influence on his person could never be discounted.

And now that he is SENATOR, would his women prevail over the Filipino people ?

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