My Heritage Carcar Town: Now a City

I have mixed emotions with this current event.

Is the city hood good for CARCAR
or is only good for some people ?
Would the promise of big budget and new industries
to come in really true or just promises often broken?

I am proud to be a Carcaranon.
Would I be proud later on if the full brunt of city hood
done its course?
I will always remember my town as laid back,
everybody knows everybody.
One whole block full relatives, as our street GEN LUNA St is.

It will bring more people, more business, more noise, more garbage,
But come to think of it, even without the city hood,
Carcar is springing life on its own, breathing new life everywhere.
Gaisano and Jollibee came before it became a city
as well as the Sta. Lucia and Aboitiz Land companies.

Do we really need it or we just wanted it badly ?
Now, we can't do anything no more, can we ?

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