The eyedoc and the internet

(my 2nd entry to the Filipino Md blogrounds hosted by dr prudence)

Funny Eyes

I was a little late in discovering the joys of being online, i thought then that the internet would be for researches and for geeky people only. My only purpose to surf then was to look for Ophthalmology journals to be presented during the weekly M&M's. Then, I stumbled upon Bisayabloggers, and i saw that hey, there are a lot of interesting and normal individuals on the net. I browse on their blogs, and i was hooked ever since. It was just like an extension of the CB radios and the ICOM craze (break!break!) during the 90's. And I was very into it during those times, sleeping late just to make "kit-kit" (eat the speaker phone, slang) with all those people you only heard and never seen. But you do make eyeballs, once in a while and make a lifetime of friends.

I tried my hand at creating my own blog (friendster pa lang). The response was very heartwarming, people left very nice comments, and my interns and PGI's started to tell me that they read the my friendster blog. And, can i make testimonial for them? bwahahahaha!

Then, i stumbled on the real blogmaker (Blogger) and I never regretted it since. It's my husband now who's complaining that my online time is more than I spend for him. Poor hubby baby! It's just like your tennis and your mountain climbing thingy, he just sighs and still continue to pay my subscription. Buotan nga bana, love you dad ! And now he's my constant critique and would complain if i dont have a new posts!

And people started to asks for my "expert opinion" kuno on their eye problems and some of them even send their relatives to the clinic. Hey! i dont advertise ha basig ma censor ta sa ethics committee ani. Im just amazed that people believe in something that I love doing.

Now, im in the great crossover of private practice and blogging helps to pass your time while you for wait for stray patients coming your door.

Knock! knock! yes, marj? naa na patient doc. got to go now!

Blog, blog, blog and away!


A.Cortes said...

doc, like you i have found different joys with blogging, the best perhaps is that it encourages me to improve my writing.

the bad part is, sa grabe nako mag basa basa sa ubang blog, yours included(ahehehe, sip2x)mag sakit na ako mata.

if ever there is the need for me to wear eyeglasses, ara-on jud taka sa imo clinic ha. ayaw lang ko kasab-i na tungod ni sa blogging.

hehehehe =)

dr tes said...

blogging doesnt destroy your eyesight. its not blogging that will destroy it, your brain included. huh? way jud koy klaro uy! of course dili taka kasab-an, kusion lang taka sa pinaka-sakit nga parte sa imong lawas, ang imong tingkoy!

Anonymous said...

Good one Doc Tes. Gross but appropriately catchy photo!
So what if you indirectly advertise yourself on the blog? Don't worry, won't snitch on you. ;)
I'd like a doctor who blogs - it means she is modern and up to date and probably knows the latest treatment trends and is not some Jurassic dinosaur.
Kudos and will add your link to my blog roll.

MerryCherry said...

I like your pic :) ophthang ophtha. Great post :)

Joey said...

Whoa! Where did you get a pic like that?

Yes, blogging does indirectly boost your practice, as patients feel that you are, indeed, knowledgeable. :)