River Trekking on Black Saturday

My muscles are still angry with me. It still aches all over. Now, who would have thought, that me, a sedentary being would end crawling over the boulders and swimming along the current in a river in Catmon ?

Along with some 7 kids (11 yo and below), my hubby's bro (in some Greek alphabet frat) invited us, with another bro's family to spend the Holy Week with them in Catmon. He brought us to this native secret of a place, where only few outsiders have seen. The majestic falls that met us after an hour of grunting and cussing (hehehe!) was superbly spell binding.

Yes, siree! we brought our children with us on this adventure. And they outdid themselves, no grumblings were heard about the long trek. No whining about the cold river water.
Pretty surprising! They love the adventure! I love the adventure more!

Thank you for the superb vacation, Manok !


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hallo Dra.

sus kanindot sa inyong adventures uy...

ako gi-click ang pics, hala di ko katoo, apil ka katkat sa bato....dili ba danlog.....

sus kanindot aning place, nindota sa tubig, limpyo kaayo ug nature gyd.

asa ba ni dapita, karon pa nako dungog ning place-name.

thanks for sharing ha?....nindota kaayo uy.

i let bernie see the pics, pod...hala ask man siya asa ni....
ingon ko sa dumaguete.....lol

aron mouli ba!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for sharing ha?
mingaw nako kaayo diha gyd...kung pwede pa lang gyd....uli na gyd ko nga way panamilit.

A.Cortes said...

og nasuya lang ko nag tan.awn sa mga pictures.
doc tess, secret gihapon ni siya, kay ganahan ta ko maka balo asa ni dapita sa catmon.
basin pa lang masaag mi sa akong pamilya og malingaw sad sa inyong na adtu-an.
ahehehe =)

you sure had a happy holy week doc.