At Last!

i'd rather keep my thoughts

than talking nonsense with others.

i'd rather have a silent house

than spitting lies about others.

i'd rather choose to bow

than be shamed by falsehoods.


ness said...

hi doc tes,

kumusta na? would like to invite you to join the next TBR rounds, dugay na man ta kaayo wala nag TBR, di ba? the topic is about tears and crying, share a makahilak experience, makahilak sa kalipay, kalagot, kasakit or whatever. more details over at our TBR yahoo group website.


MerryCherry, MD said...

Like you fave poem Doc especially the last two lines.

btw, TBR 22 is coming up, you might want to join:

Euroangel said...

love this poem of yours Doc. Tess..bisdak pud diay ko..added you in my bisdak murag ugay na..haha...pls add my 4 blogs too...salamat daan Doc...ayo2 kanunay..God bless!!

ug puede under bog title much better...daghan salamt..give me a buzz pls...

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

i like your poem.

"i'd rather have a silent house

than spitting lies about others."

lin said...


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Some wise words that we can all live by indeed.