The Chalet Adventure

Who wants to live in a tent?
Ug na-ilad ko......
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Bonedoc said...

i actually live somewhat akin to a "tent". You live within your means plus, it can be so a gypsy..

Haha! Now you probably do understand your hubby's quest for the outdoors.

Ligaya said...

Hehe mao na'y gitawag nga for better and for worse... :-) Karun pa ko ka-discover sa imong blog doc... Anyways, I'm hosting the next edition of The Blog Rounds. :-) The topic is "TBR MD's: Their Lives and Letters" but it takes too long to explain here hehe. The call for articles (and the explanation of the topic) is at I really hope you can join! Thanks!

Joro Livelihood said...

di ba na hadlok diha doc? Pls update my links(I don't find any)

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HOMER said...

I think id survive that!

HOMER said...

I think id survive that!

HOMER said...

big thanks to you cuz youre in my blogroll im sure i did pass by here, to campaign for my blog! we won!!! oh yeah I did!!

Dr. Lawrence Tinio said...

Hi Dr Tes,

Nice tent =) Where did you camp-out? Am from Manila kasi and the only trees we have here is in Luneta which is just in front of our eye center.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

angayan ka kaayo dr. uy....abi nako ug sa eskimo mo ga-outing........

mayo way mitapad nga snail sa?-----

ness said...

kasulay na ko sleep sa tent.
sadya depende ug kinsa ang kauban, diba!

sakit lang sa likod kay ang kabatuhan ... ouch!

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